sacred ground

by wrongman

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all songs by guy tillum
(except shadows written with rian malan)
guy tillum -vocals guitar
andre geldenhuys - lead guitar
roger bashew-bass keyboard other guitars
barry van zyl - drums
lani pieters - b.vocals


released September 20, 2013



all rights reserved


wrongman Cape Town, South Africa

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Track Name: star

No man can find
The cradle of his mind
So make time for romance
Make destiny from chance
And whiskey from rye
Religion when you die

And know where this pain is coming from
Carry these arrows sweet and strong
So long my dear it seems unlikely that we will meet again
We thought we were so different but we are just not the same

I've seen you there
In front of my mirror fair
You know my soul
It's what you cant control
There was space to grow
But no time to know

We would here lie
Our eyes to the sky
We come we go
When I'm gone I'll know
That we are stardust
But in life we lust

Track Name: lucid faint

You know he said
You're living on borrowed time
I know I said
But right now I'm feeling fine

You know I said
I'm a dreamer don't you see
All the things I ever wanted to say
Have all been said for me

I was laying in a lucid faint
In the museum of complaint
I hadn't met myself yet
Didn't want to make a judgement
In case I was wrong

I've been drinking stars
making drawings on the bus
These are pictures of paintings ma'm
Please don't make a fuss


I see myself in your eyes
I'm not even surprised
You've been looking at me for some time
And I am hypnotised

Track Name: desire

I was telling you something about yourself
You put your head in your hands and said
Boy hey boy tell me what you once said
About a man from space on an earthly quest
About that girl
Living in a machine world
In order to be free he had to teach her three words
It wasn't that easy but
One day she turned to him and said
I love you

And furthermore, lee lee lie I want to lay down with you
And he said hey oh hi I want to go home with you.

I was thinking about wings of desire
The angel looked down from the spire and said
Girl hey girl on the trapeze
I'm invisible but may I touch you please hey
See now he bleeds, they watch Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds,
In colour. I can escape this monochrome
This life immortal and alone

I was thinking about desire
About the web we weave that catches fire
And maybe they emerge one at a time
These sublime fish on a line
See now the idea
Don't say that you came here
For me I can look you in the eye no fear
Pull you close whisper in your ear

Track Name: dream of you

I had a dream of you
It was one of those kind of dreams
It was more real than your body on my sheets
It was a conversation
No words no lies no goodbyes

You can't escape the memory
It has followed form an old country
It is an image
A shape a landscape in my mind

It's the twisted tale
Of a generation oh
They came here when they had nowhere to go
It is a pattern
That lies shattered beneath my skin

You go away
Never to return
You learn what you can never unlearn
It is a spiral
That unwinds till the end of time
Track Name: end of the trouble
end of the trouble

I know yes I know
I must go
Take a walk cross this floor
To that door
You've heard my side of the story
Tell me when it's time to worry
And I won't be troubling you anymore
Cause you right
We've been wrong all along
But now it's you not me
I'm free
There's a light at the end of tunnel
I know it's not the end of the trouble
But I can't keep my eyes closed anymore
Tell me there's no time to go to war

I'm doing what I can to keep body and soul together my love
Will you tell me why you chose to leave me alone my dove
Carry me away

I've read
About the tears you've shed
You've said there were years that you bled
You tell me therein there's a lesson
But I've read the book wherein it is written
And I can't make sense of it anymore
Will you tell me there's no time to go to war

Track Name: sacred ground

You know
right from wrong
Weak from strong
That you belong
You know
all the people
Under this steeple
That they believe all
The same thing

That it's no lie
That when you die
You'll look down from the sky
On sacred ground

To be sure
You became a soldier
Because you never got to hold her
Staring out that door
At a dead man's hill
To be sure
What you see out there
Phantoms on your stair
can be shared
With someone I know

Track Name: watch you

I'm going to watch you now

You came to my table with a bottle for none
Served a plate of hour then you pulled a gun
You've got a motherfuckin cheek In the space of a week
You praised the mighty and killed the weak

I'm going to watch you now

All the disciples who kept the faith
You put them a boat pushed them out on a lake
But they can walk on water get to the border
Sons of guns they're gonna bring you low

I'm going to watch you now

I saw you once in a black limousine
Headed to the airport you were fleeing
They'd got your number come to plunder
Take you down tear you asunder

I'm gonna watch you now
Track Name: shadows

Shadows shadows on the wall
Tell me a story I don't know at all
Firelight dances in the night
Your shadow play on the wall

My love my love on this night
Under the the stars and in plain sight
Tell me you love me all over again
Tell me my love who you like

Come wind come wind we must fly
Across the sea where together we can be
The lights of love will be our shades my dove
So come wind come wind we must fly
Track Name: slowman

Last time I saw Rene he was here to stay
He told me a story about a land far away
No sun in the day
There was a darkness and a blackness
That came from the deep
Not yours to keep If you are a poor man or a slowman

You got to slow down here today
There's a lawman on the way
The sun aint gonna shine on this caribou
Money don't mean nothing if it aint meant for you

Last time I saw Rene He said there'd be hell to pay
I'd been running with a false friend and he would seize the day
He would have his say
About what I can do and I cant do
There's a change by the way
Of the rules in play If you are a poor man or a slowman

Track Name: wrongman

You've got the wrong man at the wrong time
You've got the wrong man baby at this party
So you want to start a flight over troubled water
Just give me time to find our daughter
You've got got the wrong man at the wrong time
So get down

You've got the wrong side of the wrong town
You've got the wrong side baby of the wrong town
So you've found bullets flying across the river
Cold nights that make you shiver
You've got the wrong side baby of the wrong town
So get down

I'm trying to understand what's going down
I never knew then what I know now
Do you remember how we never spoke to each other
You went away to live with another
You took a new man baby you took a new man
So get down
Track Name: jealous moon

I saw the light on in your bedroom
I was standing under a jealous moon
It's so hard to understand
Where you start and I end

I heard you say live and let live
But I know now something has to give
I hear you say bend don't break
But I don't know how much more I can take

You move like a shadow in my image to come
I see the flickering light of a premonition
It's so hard to understand
Where you start and I end


So take your light and shine on
Cause the darkness here is coming on strong